Industry Partners

Join hundreds of businesses and professionals in NYC that have recognized the value of supporting Career and Technical Education. Partnering with CTE builds a necessary connection between industry and education—leveraging the professional expertise, insights and talents of today to inform, educate and prepare the aspiring talents of tomorrow. Every school year, each Industry Commission noted below convenes three times, bringing together professionals, businesses, nonprofits, colleges and postsecondary institutions for an opportunity to connect with CTE school teachers and administrators. Discussions include a variety of topics with a general focus on industry trends, hiring practices, workforce needs, teaching resources, and professional development opportunities.  

Be the voice that shapes the future! We invite you to join one of our eight Industry Commissions to help inspire and educate CTE students. 

Gavaskar Reid

Industry Engagement Manager

Automotive and Transportation
Engineering and Architecture
Construction and Sustainability

Examples of how you can support students and teachers through our Industry Commissions:

Supporting CTE Students

An essential part of a CTE experience is for students to gain exposure to work experiences. Through events like Career Discovery Week, businesses and organizations come together to inspire and engage NYC youth. Below are some of the many ways you can support students' preparation for college and career pathways.


  • Provide work experience and guided supervision through internships funded by the DOE for CTE juniors and seniors

Workplace Tours or Job Shadow opportunities

  • Offer students a chance to observe and learn about your business and explore your worksite

Career Days or Fairs

  • Share your career and college pathway experiences with students at a school or your worksite

Mock or Informational Interviews

  • Help students master their networking and interviewing skills through events at a school or your worksite

Supporting CTE Teachers

At the core of every high-quality CTE program is a committed CTE teacher who strives to ensure their programs meet industry needs. Consider the following opportunities that allow teachers to learn about industry trends and talent pipeline needs.

Professional Development Workshops

  • Lead workshops for CTE teachers to learn about industry trends or garner a new skill


  • Host a CTE teacher through a DOE-funded, short-term learning opportunity at your business to help them upskill their industry experience