School Engagement

School Engagement

The School Engagement Team focuses on professional learning for educators across select NYC high schools through the Academic Integration and Success Via Apprenticeship (SVA) Programs. Each program offers an integrated approach to equip new and existing educators with the skills and training necessary to deliver high quality instruction to prepare students for college and career success. 

Academic Integration Program

The Academic Integration Team supports schools in effectively designing and implementing integrated lesson and unit plans across Career & Technical Education and core content courses in order to improve students engagement and learning. The team also supports school-based leadership to align implementation to CEP goals and to create effective internal systems for collaboration and integration. 

At the center of this transformative process is the Educator Team, which consists of one CTE educator and at least one core content teacher. Educator Teams at participating CTE schools have access to professional learning opportunities focused on the design and implementation of interdisciplinary lessons and unit plans. Coaches guide Educator Teams to shift instruction and learning from being educator centered to student centered through project based learning, to utilize the UBD framework to map and sequence interdisciplinary curriculum alignment over the course of the school year, and to redesign and implement innovative integrated lessons/units to improve engagement and learning.

The Success Via Apprenticeship (SVA) Program

Because today's workplaces require workers to have higher levels of technical skills than ever before, career and technical education is increasingly in demand. CTE teachers require in-depth knowledge of both their core discipline pedagogy and the discipline’s industry standards. The Success Via Apprenticeship is a collaborative project of the NYC DOE, the United Federation of Teachers (UFT), and the City University of New York (CUNY) designed to address this critical need. For over three decades, the SVA program has recruited outstanding NYC high school graduates with a passion for teaching and learning. Over a five-year period, the program provides an intensive rotational experience which includes two years of mentored teaching, three years of industry apprenticeship, and five years of postsecondary academic study to fulfill requirements for New York State initial teaching certification. 

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