Media Technology and Design: Highlights

Current Projects

Graphics Competition

An annual Graphics Competition sponsored through core industry members, offers students from a variety of MT&D subtracks the opportunity to compete for cash prizes, and awards and receive coaching and feedback on their work from postsecondary instructors and industry professionals. In 2019, over 200 students participated in the event, held annually at the NYC College of Technology.

Fashion Advisory Committee

A Fashion Advisory Committee was developed with members including Mara Hoffman, Tom’s Sons International Pleating, SUNY FIT, The Gap Inc., Shimmy Technologies, Economic Development Corporation (EDC) and Mood Fabrics. The committee reviewed curricula from all three CTE Fashion schools including Maxwell High School, Art and Design High School and the High School for Fashion Industries. In addition, partners provided internship opportunities, teacher professional development, donated materials, worksite tours among other supports.

Open Stage Project

Through a unique partnership with the nonprofit, Open Stage Project, students in CTE programs including Technical Theater, Media and Drama participated in one-on-one backstage tours at the largest grossing Broadway shows in NYC. Additionally, students were invited to private sessions with staff and talent from the shows to learn about the variety of jobs and skills required to run the highly technical and complex productions.

Teacher Externships

High-quality Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs provide high school students with rigorous academic preparation and industry-validated credentials, linked to relevant work experiences in high-demand industries. Locally and nationally, education and business leaders are leveraging CTE as a powerful economic development strategy. As NYCDOE looks to further strengthen its existing CTE programs, we are seeking employers to host CTE teachers in an immersive summer externship. CTE externships are customized professional development experiences that occur within an industry-specific workplace, providing an “on the ground” understanding of economic and career trends impacting students, as well as work-based norms that can inform instructional practices. Employer hosts will indirectly influence the city’s future workforce, one teacher at a time.

The following companies and organizations offered CTE Media Technology & Design Externships for Summer 2019:

▪ Mara Hoffman
▪ Tom’s Sons International Pleating
▪ Shimmy Technologies