Industry Partnerships

Partnerships between industry professionals and CTE programs allow teachers and school leaders to stay aligned to ever-changing industry trends and prepare their students to meet the talent needs of New York City. We welcome the support from industry partners to strengthen CTE programs. For more information about these opportunities, please contact Jessica Kemper, Director of Industry Engagement.

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Ways to Get Involved

CTE Industry Commissions

CTE programs receive support via the convening of sector-based industry commissions. The purpose of the commissions are for CTE teachers and administrators, postsecondary and industry partners to meet and discuss how they can best support students entering their specific industry. The commissions also support the CTE approval process and can serve as a proxy for an individual school advisory board. 

Automotive and Transportation
Business and Finance
Construction and Sustainability
Culinary Arts, Hospitality and Tourism
Engineering, Architecture and Robotics
Information Technology
Media Technology and Design

Supporting CTE Students

Industry Partners are encouraged to provide direct support to CTE students by sharing their expertise and providing work-based learning opportunities. Here are the most common examples of types of participation our industry partners engage in to support CTE students:

Career Day: A Career Day is an activity in which business partners from a variety of companies come together at a school to share information about their company, their job, and the education and skills are required for success in their career.

Workplace Tour: A Workplace Tour is an activity in which students visit a workplace, learn about the business, meet employees, ask questions and observe work in progress. 

Mock Interview: In a mock interview, employee volunteers are paired one-on-one with a student who is interviewed as if your company was considering hiring him/her for a paid internship or job. 

Internships: An Internship is a highly structured, time-limited activity in which students are placed at a worksite to participate in and observe work first hand. 

Other examples include hosting competitions, offering scholarships and supporting programming. Learn more about how employers may engage with CTE students.

Work-Based Learning: Employer Options

Supporting CTE Teachers

An essential component of high-quality CTE is teacher training in order that teachers receive up-to-date training to be aware of emerging trends in their field. Industry partners can assist with these efforts by providing the following:

Professional Development Sessions: These workshops or classes can be half-day to two-day experiences in which CTE teachers take classes given by industry professionals.

Teacher Externships: Externships allow companies to host teachers for three days up to two weeks to learn about their company, current trends, meet with employees in various roles, learn about hiring practices and learn information they may take back to the classroom.

Supporting School-Based Advisory Boards for CTE Programs

Schools with CTE programs are strongly encouraged to have their own advisory board. Industry and Postsecondary partners will participate in the school CTE program’s self-study committee, review curriculum, participate in career days, mock interviews and other work-based learning activities. 

CTE Advisory Council

To learn more about the CTE Advisory Council, visit our CTE Advisory Council page:

CTE Advisory Council