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Work-Based Learning Resource Center

The Work-Based Learning Resource Center provides CTE schools, DOE programs and industry partners with:

  • Instructional content and consultation to support schools in developing instructional goals and best practices for effective Work-Based Learning
    • Support for school / partner collaboration including communications tools, technical guidance and administrative support
      • Policy development and resource allocation in collaboration with OPSR Operations
        • Measurement and evaluation of WBL effectiveness through accurate data
        Definition of Work-Based Learning

        Work-based learning (WBL) is a progressive, multi-year sequence of instructional activities, within a real-world, work-related context, that allows students to build a bridge from adolescence roles in the classroom to adult roles in professional settings. 

        Work-Based Learning Activities

        While WBL activities can occur in any grade - at any school, it is a core strategy in Career and Technical Education (CTE). Below are examples of different types of activities that prepare your students to fully participate in work settings:

        • Career Focused Field Trips (Workplace Tour)
        • Guest Speaker
        • Career Fair
        • Job Shadowing
        • Mentoring
        • Research Project (with industry interaction and support)
        • Interactive Project (with multiple interactions with professionals)
        • Student-Run Enterprise (with industry Involvement)
        • Service Learning (Community Service)
        • Non-Compensated Work Experience / Internship
        • Compensated Internship Connected to Curriculum (for credit or money)

        For lesson plans to support developing WBL activities, visit NYCDOE’s Work-Based Learning Toolkit website.

        Schools interested in learning more about the Work-Based Learning Resource Center can visit NYCDOE’s Work-Based Learning Toolkit website.

        Internship Programs administered by the Work-Based Learning Resource Center

        Supplemental Internship Fund

        The Supplemental Internship Fund supports CTE programs by providing financial support for students gaining work experience in their CTE Field of Study, allowing them to practice skills taught in the curriculum in authentic work settings outside the school.

        Schools with CTE programs apply to participate in this program on an annual basis, and manage enrollment of their students and host partners directly.

        Schools interested in participating should visit the Work-based Learning Resource Center wiki for more information: School Funding Application (SIF) 

        Scholars at Work

        Scholars at Work (SAW) helps to close skills gaps in critical economic sectors by preparing Career and Technical Education (CTE) high school students for and connecting them to good jobs in these sectors. Scholars supplements CTE students’ school-based learning of technical skills with exposure to career opportunities, real-life work experience alongside adults, and development of workplace skills.

        Scholars at Work is jointly administered by the Workforce1 Industrial and Transportation Career Center and Work-Based Learning Resource Center. Program focuses on jobs in the Transportation, Industrial and Manufacturing sectors.

        Scholars at Work is funded by NYC Department of Small Business Services, The Workforce Investment Board, and the NYC Department of Education.

        DIIT / CTE Internship Program

        The DIIT Internship Program was established as a partnership between the Work-Based Learning Resource Center and the NYC Department of Education's Division of Instructional and Information Technology (DIIT).

        The program takes JUNIOR and SENIOR high school students from selected CTE schools and places them in part-time paid internships with various teams in the DIIT. The interns also participate in seminars and showcase what they learned in a final project that is presented to supervisors and representatives from their school.


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