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Industry Partnerships

The Career and Technical Education Division at the New York City Department of Education manages strategic partnerships between schools and corporations across nine career clusters including information technology (software and hardware), engineering, transportation (automotive and aviation), health, construction, culinary, media (advertising, marketing, and film), business/finance, and the social sciences. Embedded within the Office of Career and Technical Education (CTE), the team supports 318 programs within 127 high schools located across all five boroughs which train approximately 120,000 students per year.

The multi-stakeholder model used to manage industry engagement allows small to medium-sized enterprises and large corporations to serve in a high-level advisory capacity around policy, strategy, and workforce development. Corporations also directly engage schools by reviewing curricula and credentialing models, providing internships, recruiting mentors, training teachers, hosting competitions, and offering college scholarships.

As an evolving model, career and technical education in NYC has recently attracted the attention of national and international leaders with visits from ministers and heads of state from around the world. Over the past year delegations from Thailand, Israel, Russia, United Kingdom, Australia, Kenya, and the White House has visited our CTE schools.

NYC Industry Partners are invited to offer the following opportunities through our NYC CTE Industry Scholars Program:

Industry Partnership Opportunities

Career Days

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” is the question that sparks the imagination of every child. To help students dream of what is possible, we invite industry professionals to visit schools during career days to share details on their typical work day and life journey. Learning about the educational pathway, credentials, and experiences of career day participants helps students answer the most common question of adolescence. Career Days are managed by individual schools, or by industry partners coordinating these opportunities for large numbers of schools.

Speaker Series

Schools regularly invite speakers from various industries to address students and teachers. Framed as informational sessions for classrooms on evolving industry trends, or to provide motivational talks to large groups, the Speaker Series are coordinated by DOE Industry Commissions which connect key professionals to schools.

Job Shadowing

These one-day events allow a small number of students to shadow professionals working in their offices or at work site locations. This first bridge between theoretical and practical allows students to begin to understand the everyday task management, soft skills, and technical expertise that comprise an employee’s work day. Job shadowing is typically organized by individual schools in collaboration with Industry Commissions.


Interested in Hosting a CTE Industry Scholars Program Intern in the fields of Automotive/Transportation, IT/Software Engineering, Media Techology and Design, Construction and Sustainability or Enginerring, Architetcure and Robotics? Please click here to learn about our CTE Industry Scholars Program.

For more information on how industry partners can get involved and support CTE programs please contact

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