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Benefits of a CTE Program of Study

A CTE program of study is a two-four year formalized program of study in a specific industry area that prepares high school students for seamless transition into two-year or four-year college programs and/or entry level jobs. Students in a CTE Program fulfill rigorous and integrated instruction of academic and industry-specific content as well as work-based learning experiences like internships. By completing of a CTE Program of Study, students not only receive their High School Regents Diploma, but also have an opportunity to pass a industry-recognized certification or licensing examinations that lead to credentials, as evidence of their college and career readiness.

CTE Facts & Figures

Current Snapshot (SY2014-2015)

Total number of CTE programs of study offered citywide: 318
  • Number of high schools offering CTE programs: 139
  • Number of dedicated CTE high schools: 51

17 in Manhattan
11 in Bronx
13 in Brooklyn
9 in Queens
1 in Staten Island

  • Number of articulated high schools running CTE programs: 88

14 in Manhattan
18 in Bronx
27 in Brooklyn
23 in Queens
6 in Staten Island

Number of CTE schools opened, 1900-1960: 18
Number of CTE schools opened, 1961-2002: 0
Number of CTE schools opened since 2003: 33

Recent CTE students and outcomes (SY2013-2014)1

Enrollment and involvement in CTE coursework:

Total enrollment in designated CTE schools: 25,7802

Total number of students who took CTE courses: 124,6133

Characteristics of students in CTE high schools:

Race/Ethnicity: 43 percent Latino, 37 percent Black, 12 percent Asian, and 6 percent White4

Gender: 59 percent were male; 41 percent were female

Free or reduced price lunch eligibility: 84 percent qualified for free or reduced price lunch

Students with Disabilities and English Language Learners: 17 percent were students with disabilities, 6 percent were English language learners

Internships in CTE high schools

Total paid student internships: 1,9085

Graduation rates in CTE high schools (graduation year 2013):

The four year graduation rate at CTE high schools in was 69.3 percent (compared to 66 percent citywide). The four year graduation rate at CTE high schools for students with disabilities was 42.3 percent (compared to 37.5 percent citywide)6.

  • 17 CTE schools had graduation rates above the citywide average.
  • 9 had graduation rates over 80 percent.

1 School year 2013-2014 featured 45 dedicated CTE high schools operating 395 CTE programs citywide.

2 Quest to Learn (M422) has students in grades 6 through 8, which represented approximately 1% of total CTE students.

3 This count represents the adjusted number of students involved in CTE coursework for the school year.

4 A small portion of the student population identified as ‘Other’.

5 Count reflects only paid internships offered through the Supplemental Internship Fund, a Central program supporting internships.

6 Based on official 2013 graduation statistics. A total of 28 CTE high schools had a full cohort for 2013 graduation rate calculation.

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